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Astros Digital is not the type of digital agency that blindly accepts clients. We have crafted our specialized process to incorporate and grasp the why — your why. This helps our experts make decisions that suit your bottom line.

Working Process

All of our projects are split into 2 parts. Discovery is our opportunity to dive in and comprehend your customers, your problems, and your business. The second part is what clients believe they need and what they truly require!

This working procedure usually includes our design, senior strategy, and technical team members. It further involves:

  • - Technical strategy
  • - Content strategy and information architecture
  • - Preliminary user experience
  • - User research and testing
  • - Analytics research
  • - Requirement and problem definition
  • - Stakeholder meetings and interviews

Our Execution

Once we have our solution and plan fixed, we shift onto agile development mode. We develop and design every day with frequent check-ins and standups to ensure everyone is on the same page. We develop rapidly, test relentlessly, and adapt smoothly.

And whenever there’s a change in plan, we communicate almost instantly. Not just bombarding you with setbacks, but providing alternatives and solutions to nudge the project in the right direction.

Because in the end, we’re not in the business of missing the target. Our team wastes no time going above and beyond to hit timelines and budgets. But more than anything, we prove every single day that Astros Digital is the one who truly deserves to handle your business.

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